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Choco-Musée Érico

Choco-Musée Érico :

Ma favorite address for fine chocolates, the best hot chocolate in town and during the summer season, ice creams and sorbets of different flavors.

The more the traditional taste buds will appreciate the exquisite pralinés, the flavored,  creamy fillings and the intense dark chocolate, the more adventurous will treat themselves to flavors of flowers, cheeses, fruits and spices blended together as a heavenly treat, releasing their enticing aromas.

Not only does the boutique exhibit artistic creations made entirely of chocolate, but it is in itself a true museum of chocolate, were you can experiment an unforgettable multi-sensorial experience.

Gift boxes, personalized chocolates with logos, pictures on chocolate, chocolates for every occasion, there is no limit for a gourmet fantasy at Érico.


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