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Nouvo St-Roch

One thing I like about Québec City is that you find beautiful little stores scattered like gems in various parts of town. Just go shopping spree and it will turn into a discovery trip.

If you are looking for a specialized boutique let us know, we know how to guide to you in way that your discovery trip will be the most…productive!

For the new trends, explore Saint-Joseph Street, remarkable since the winds of change have blown over the part of town called Saint-Roch. The fashionistas will find local designers, trendy restaurants, and unique boutiques, here quality wins over quantity.

Some marvelous restaurant are located in that part of town, Le Clocher Penché, L’Affaire est Ketchup, Le Versa, Les Bossus, Yuzu… and to end your evening, le Cercle or Le Boudoir Lounge have an offering that will satisfy the fans of Underground music and lively bars.


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