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Do you know Québec Exquis?

From April 14 to 26, 2015, come to celebrate the local food scene with Québec Exquis !!

Here is an exquisite opportunity to try a selection of the best restaurants in Québec City at friendly prices!
Enjoy a three-course menu specially prepared with the pairing of a local producer and a renowned chef at only $ 20 for lunch and $ 50 for dinner.
This winning concept will create delicious meals that showcase the talent of the local producers and our fabulous chefs.

The following restaurants are participating: Panache Restaurant - Restaurant Initiale - - Le Saint-Amour – Laurie Raphael - Aviatic – Bistro B – Chez Boulay – Restaurant La Traite – La Fenouillière –  La Planque – Restaurant Champlain -  Légende par la Tanière – Le Louis-Hébert – Le Quai 19 – Le Tournebroche – Monte Cristo L’Original – Simple Snack Sympathique – Le Clocher Penché...
Bon appétit!


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