The Auberge Saint-Antoine is so much more than a hotel! The artifacts that line its walls are steeped in history. Hungry for more? Dig a little deeper and take part in our archaeological tour. For more information on our services and amenities, contact our concierge.

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The Postmaster

Hugh Finlay, the father of the Canadian postal service, spent long hours writing letters and composing his memoirs. He kept candle snuffers close at hand on his desk. Several times throughout the evening, he would trim the candle, since charred wick burns with a flickering flame that makes it impossible to see clearly.

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You just have unearthed your inner archaeologist!

Did you know that well over 5,000 objects were found on the Auberge Saint-Antoine's archaeological site? They are a product of the occupation of the harbour, to the site's military past, and to the daily lives of the property's inhabitants. More than 700 of these priceless historical finds are on display at Auberge Saint-Antoine.

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