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    Auberge Saint-Antoine Once Again Sponsors Ladies’ Ice Canoe Race at Quebec’s Winter Carnival1/18/2013

    Quebec City (January 15th, 2013) – Quebec City’s Winter Carnival returns this year on February 1st until February 17th with exciting events and activities. As a long-standing tradition, the renowned canoe race through ice-filled water will take place on Sunday, February 10th.

    As a strong supporter of the carnival and local events, Quebec City’s historic Auberge Saint-Antoine is the official sponsor of the women’s team for the 11th year in a row.

    Co-owner of Auberge Saint-Antoine, Evan Price, says “It’s one of the toughest sports. Women have been outstanding contributors to the sport. They are damn good and often beat the men!” He adds, “It’s really a no brainer from a sponsor’s perspective.”

    Taking place since the Winter Carnival’s first year, the event involves teams racing one another down the icy St Lawrence River. The classically Canadian ice canoe event began in the 19th century for families to compete against each other to win the contract to deliver the local mail. It then developed into a spectator sport for the Quebec City Carnival.

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    Mr. Gaudiose Montreuil, a tailor living at 12 rue Saint-Antoine in the late 19th century, often used buttons made of bone, some of which were produced in Québec City. Button makers sliced bone into thin layers and cut out discs that were then pierced with holes, decorated, and polished.

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    Did you know that well over 5,000 objects were found on the Auberge Saint-Antoine's archaeological site? They are a product of the occupation of the harbour, to the site's military past, and to the daily lives of the property's inhabitants. More than 700 of these priceless historical finds are on display at Auberge Saint-Antoine.

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