Canot à Glace

Our ice cream parlour

Located across the Place des Canotiers Park in Vieux-Quebec, Canot à Glace is now open for the summer season.

Under the watchful eye of our pastry Chef Clément Duteil, a homemade collection of deliciously refreshing gelati, pastries and sorbets are available to our guests. Our selection of gelato flavors focuses on local ingredients and varies along the season.

Complete your craving with a selection of chocolate, sweet-savory nuts or refreshing fruit toppings!

The name of our ice cream parlour, Canot à Glace, honors the traditional Quebec ice canoe races that take place every winter on the Saint-Lawrence River.

Hours of Operation: 11am to 10pm daily (We might close at 8pm on quiet days) 

Our staff’s favorite picks include: Sea-buckthorn, dark chocolate, Irish coffee, cranberry and Ile d'Orléans strawberry

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