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The Farm

Sustainable farming for our Cuisine

Ferme du coteau  Ferme du coteau. Ferme du coteau

Helmed by our Chefs, Chez Muffy's cuisine focuses on savory flavours and ingredients from the hotel's garden on Île d'Orléans, all inspired by the season.

Sustainability - The Price family has owned the vegetable farm since 1969. In 2016, Alexandre Faille was hired by Auberge Saint-Antoine to oversee the gardens sharing a high enjoyment and knowledge from his studies in Biological Agriculture. Inspired by worldwide Chefs such as Dan Barber, Alain Passard, Jean-Luc Rabanel and Alice Waters, Alexandre shares his passion with our Chef and helps bring a local taste to Chez Muffy dishes. There’s something undeniably festive about Alexandre’s involvement in sustainable and ethic horticulture. His motto: permaculture. A garden culture based on the seed calendar, crop rotation, companionship, compost, non-use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

Diversity - With more than 0.74 acers of land, the garden grows each year. There are more than 30 different types of vegetables and fruits, some counting more than 20 varieties. Alexandre purchases only biological seeds from Europe and the United States to produce a locally grown and diversified vegetable and fruit assortment. For example, this year, he is cultivating Savignac tomatoes and Roscoff onions, traditional French varieties. What better to diversify Chez Muffy 's menu and entice our guests?

Creativity - The garden is maintained each year from April to December. During the winter months, between January and March, Alexandre cultivates root vegetables such as carrots or Jerusalem artichokes, which can grow in low temperatures (from -1 to 0 degrees). To secure the planting for the summer season, Alexandre works with an organic Quebec greenhouse. One of our future projects is to have our own greenhouse for the winter months and a cellar to cultivate root vegetables where we can continue to respect Quebec gardening traditions. Fun Fact : You will find hives in our garden, which help fruits and vegetables grow from pollination.