Culinary Suggestions

Our discoveries and our guests’ feedback allow us to offer you the highest quality. No matter if you wish to enjoy one of the finest restaurants in Quebec City or a simple bistro with a friendly atmosphere, our priorities to make you happy and offer you the nicest stay you could imagine!

- Smart casual attire is suggested for fine dining restaurants, otherwise no dress code!

Please take note that hours of operation and opening days of each restaurant may change depending on the seasons, therefore we suggest verifying with us before making your choice. You may use the hyperlinks to access the restaurants’ websites.

Vieux-Port and Petit Champlain — Our neighborhood — Lower Town

Our Restaurants

Chez Muffy $$$: 8 rue Saint-Antoine / 418-692-1022 / Our French-Canadian, farmhouse-inspired restaurant where culinary skill, a clever, considered wine program, warm service and conversations meld together. Our local farmers, shermen and producers are as integral to the food we make as they are to our place in this community. Set within a historic maritime warehouse dating back to 1822 with natural stone walls and wooden beams, the dining room offers a warm atmosphere along with stunning views of the St. Lawrence River. Open from Wednesday to Sunday evening only,reservations required. 

Bar Artéfact $: 8, rue Saint-Antoine / 418-692-2211 extension 6233/ Offering a glimpse into Québec’s past, Bar Artéfact showcases relics unearthed on site during a recent excavation dig, such as the Dauphine Battery and window displays filled with objects dating back from six distinct eras in our property’s history. Enjoy a light meal and signature drinks from one of the city’s most creative cocktail menus, while surrounded by artifacts preserved in time. From Monday to Thursday from 5:30pm to 9pm, and from Friday to Sunday from 12pm to 9pm. (meals mandatory with drinks). 

Fine Dining

Laurie-Raphaël $$$$: 117 Dalhousie / 418-692-4555 / Inventive cuisine: local products and flavors mixed with international inspirations… definitely surprising and daring! Open from Tuesday to Saturday evening, 5-minute walk.

La Tanière3 $$$$: 36 ½ Rue Saint Pierre / 418-872-4386 / A unique gastronomic experience which includes a tasting menu, up to 15 or 20 services, telling the story of the city, and the location, with your 5 senses… what a discovery! A credit card is necessary for reservations. Open Thursday to Sunday evening — 5-minute walk. 

Upscale Bistros

L‘Échaudé $$: 73 rue du Sault-au-Matelot / 418-692-1299 / French cuisine, pleasant bistro atmosphere and very nice wine card. An attractive in-between if you do not want a fancy place but still a tasty meal. Open 7 days, 5-minute walk.


Chez Rioux & Pettigrew $$$: 160 Rue St-Paul / 418-694-4448 / Offering modern, fresh, and farm-to table cuisine which always evolves with the market products. Open 7 days, 10-minute walk. 

Légende $$$: 255 rue Saint-Paul / 418-614-2555 / Their impressive wine selection with private importation, tasty local cuisine and trendy ambiance make this restaurant one of our top picks in town! Open Wednesday to Sunday evening, 15-minute walk. 

Cafés and Bistros

Il Matto $$: 71 rue Saint-Pierre / 418-266-9444 / “Mama’s” Italian comfort food, it is a must if you look for a good Italian bistro! Open 7 days, our neighbor. 

L’Orygine $$: 36 rue Saint-Pierre / 418-872-4386 / Organic bistro located at a stroll away from our property. Lovely dining room with design decor and excellent service. They propose a very fresh cuisine that enlightens locally sourced producers and allows us to make great discoveries! Open from Wednesday to Sunday evenings. 

Louise $$: 48, rue Saint-Paul / 418-780-7255 / A gastropub inspired by New England taverns and locally sourced products, with an urban, design decor. Their thoughtful wine card always complements their ever-changing seasonal menu. Open 7 days, brunch on weekends, 5-minute walk. 

Vieux-Québec – 5 to 15 min walk – Upper Town

Fine dining

Le Champlain $$$$: 1, rue des Carrières / 418-692-3861 / The fine dining restaurant of the Château Frontenac. The Chef works with fresh local and seasonal produce, marrying formerly and modern techniques. Open Wednesday to Saturday for dinner, brunch on Sundays, 10-minute walk.

Le Continental $$$$: 26 rue Saint-Louis / 418-694-9995 / A real classic gourmet experience with "flambés" on the menu and table side service. Open 7 days, 10-minute walk. 

Le Saint-Amour $$$$: 48 rue Saint-Ursule / 418-694-0667 / Traditional French & local haute gastronomie, very romantic setting. Open from Wednesday to Saturday evenings, 15-minute walk. 

Le Clan $$$$: 44, rue des Jardins / 418-694-0333/ New restaurant from renowned & very creative chef Stéphane Modat, specialized with local produces, game meat and fish.

Upscale Bistros

Bello $$: 73 Rue Saint Louis / 418-694-0030 / This hip Italian restaurant’s specialties include delicious wood fire pizza, tasty antipasti and a wide selection of risottos. Professional and warm service. Open 7 days. Smart casual, 10-minute walk. 

Chez Boulay $$$: 1110 rue Saint-Jean / 418-380-8166 / To discover or rediscover boreal cuisine in a contemporary approach and a trendy ambiance! Open from Wednesday to Sunday for dinner. Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, 15— minute walk. 

Cafés and Bistros

Chic Shack $$: 15, rue du Fort / 418-692-1485 / This gourmet fast food has everything to please you with their tasty burgers, salads, and great milkshakes! Counter service only. Open 7 days from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, 10-minute walk. 

La Bûche $$: 49, rue Saint-Louis / 418-694-7272 / A real French Canadian traditional culinary experience, with a little modern twist. A very heartwarming sugar shack ambience! Brunch 7 days until 3pm, 10-minute walk.

Gourmet Stop! Paillard – A good bakery and pastry well known for their croissants, choices of macaroons, and generous sandwiches!

Quartier Saint-Jean-Baptiste – 20 to 30 min walk – Upper town

Albacore $$$: 819 Côte d’Abraham / 418-914-6441/ Unpretentious neighbourhood bistro with ever changing menu, showcasing the freshest sea products in an inventive approach. Vegetarian and meat options as well. From Wednesday to Sunday, 25-minute walk. 

Le Billig $$: 481, rue Saint-Jean / 418-524-8341 /The only real crêperie bretonne in Quebec City, Breton chef included! Wide range of salty or sweet fillings, in a very colourful and friendly neighborhood restaurant. Open 7 days, 30-minute walk.

Sardines $$: 1, rue Saint-Jean / 581-300-9449 / Small bistro in the heart of Faubourg St-Jean-Baptiste, with fresh vegetable plates, cheese, and delicatessen boards to share. Open Friday and Saturday evening. 

Gourmet Stop! Discover all the shops of St Jean street and try to find Érico, taste these fine chocolates, as well as the melt-in-your-mouth and marvellous sorbets! Home-made high-quality products. Small chocolate museum on the side of the boutique.

Cartier Avenue & Surroundings – 10 min drive – Upper Town

Ophelia $$: 634 Grande-Allée Est / 418-524-8228 / Elegant yet festive seafood restaurant, also offering nicely aged meats. Sit at the bar of the central open kitchen, or at a table for a more intimate dinner in an urban, design decor. Open 7 days for dinner only. 

Bistro B $$$: 1144 avenue Cartier / 418-614-5444 / No menu thinking ahead in this bistro, a selection of dishes that will delight both vegetarians and meat/fish lovers. Sitting at the counter to chat with the cooks, or at a table, you will enjoy a warm and welcoming neighborhood dynamic. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, lunch on weekdays, brunch on weekends.

Quartier Saint-Roch – 25 min walk – Lower Town

Clocher Penché $$$: 203, rue Saint-Joseph/ 418-640-0597 / This outstanding bistro offers modern Quebecois cuisine with locally sourced produces. Open Wednesday to Saturday for dinner only. 10-minute drive. 

L’Affaire est Ketchup $$: 46 rue Saint-Joseph Est /418-529-9020 / Unpretentious neighborhood bistro out of the beaten paths to try something different in a home simplistic decor! Only about 20 seats try your luck at their sister restaurant Patente et Machin if they are sold out! Open from Tuesday to Sunday evening. 10-minute drive. 

Gourmet Stop! Café le Nektar - Their passion…coffee! The grains are coming from every renowned area of the world. Enjoy one of their own creative mixes or pure tastes. All in an inviting décor or take it back home!

Limoilou – 10 to 15 min drive – Lower Town

La Planque $$$: 1027 3ième Avenue / 418-914-8780 / THE gourmet address of this off-the-beaten-path neighborhood. Inviting place with a rustic warm yet lively ambiance, and open kitchen. Open Tuesday to Saturday.

Arvi $$$$: 519 3eme Avenue / 581 742 4202 / A restaurant where you can sit at the counter of the open kitchen and are served directly by the cooks! Fix menu which can be declined as vegetarian if needed. Open Tuesday to Saturday evenings **RESERVATION WEEKS IN ADVANCE**

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