Explore Attractions & Points of Interest in Quebec City

A Visitor’s Guide to Quebec’s Most Charming Destination

Your stay in Quebec City promises to be as memorable and magical as the city itself. Our location is one of the best in Quebec City, offering unprecedented access to the historic Old Port and popular attractions nearby. Whether you’re taking a staycation, getting away for an extended break or exploring the city before or after a Saint Lawrence River cruise, you’ll find plenty to enjoy.

This charming destination offers nearly endless activities to travelers seeking unique experiences. Admire beautiful historic parks, architecture and churches; explore exquisite dining, shopping and museums; or hop on one of the serene and picturesque Quebec City cruises and explore our lovely waterways. You’ll certainly have no trouble filling your itinerary here.

Find some of our favorite points of interest, attractions, and things to do in town by browsing the interactive map below, or see our guide to must-visit museums and historical sites nearby. For assistance in planning the perfect itinerary of tours, excursions, or cruises on the Saint Lawrence River during your visit, we invite you to contact our Chief Concierge Les Clefs d'Or Geneviève and her team for recommendations and arrangements.

Points of Interest

Auberge Saint-Antoine
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