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Louise Taverne et Bar à vin | $$ 48, rue Saint-Paul, 418-780-7255

In a setting that combines modernity and history, this gourmet European tavern is the perfect place for a tasty meal in a warm and relaxed setting. In summer, the beautiful sunny terrace is very pleasant. If you're a small group and want an immersive experience, opt for the chef's table with its shareable meal option. 

Open everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, brunch on weekends, 5 minutes walk.

L'Échaudé | $$-$$$ 73, rue Sault-au-Matelot, 418-692-1299

With a sober and modern decor, this excellent French bistro has been a safe bet in the Old Port for more than 30 years. Opt for the four-appetizer option to try several dishes. The tartars, the foie gras torchon, and the beef cheek are particularly popular.

Open everyday for dinner, and Monday to Friday for lunch, 2 minutes walk.

Bistro Saint-Malo | $$ 75, rue Saint-Paul, 418-692-2004 

This small French bistro serves a variety of traditional old-world dishes such as black pudding, cassoulet, sweetbreads, rabbit, duck legs, and other typical French dishes, in a warm and rustic decor. 

Open Tuesday to Sunday evenings, 5-minute walk. 

Café du Monde | $$ 85, rue Dalhousie, 418-692-4455

This spacious Parisian brasserie, located in the cruise terminal, is a good address for an unpretentious meal, for young and old alike, in a dynamic atmosphere. Some tables offer a view of the river.

Open Wednesday to Friday continuously from 11:30 a.m., Saturday from morning to evening and Sunday until 2pm, 3-minute walk.

Le Ciel | $$$ 1225, Cours du Général de Montcalm, 418-640-5802

Nestled on the 28th floor of the Le Concorde hotel, the revolving restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the city, the Plains of Abraham and the river. Its tasty contemporary cuisine and cozy, comfortable atmosphere complement the wow factor of the landscape. Nice wine list and cocktails. 

Open Monday to Friday evening, and brunch Saturday and Sunday morning, noon and evening, 45-minute walk or 15-minute drive - Parliament Hill district.

Buvette Scott | $$ 821, Scott Street, 581-741-4464

This tiny and very popular eatery is a top pick for unpretentious epicureans looking for a laid-back vibe and cozy bistro feel. This is a great place for a casual evening, eating local food and drinking good wine.

Open Tuesday to Saturday evening, 35-minute walk or 10-minute drive - St-Jean-Baptiste district.

L'Affaire est Ketchup | $$$ 46, rue Saint-Joseph Est, 418-529-9020

This small, warm, and festive restaurant serves homemade local cuisine in a very friendly atmosphere. It's good to be alive at l'Affaire est Ketchup! It's the perfect place to go off the beaten path. Is it already sold out? Their little brother, Patente et Machin, just a few steps away, will satisfy you. 

Open Wednesday to Saturday nights, 45-minute walk or 15-minute drive - Saint-Roch district

Le Pied Bleu | $$-$$$ 179, rue Saint-Vallier Ouest, 418-914-3554

This very friendly Lyonnais restaurant offers generous tasting menus that will please the carnivores of this world with, among other things, their famous artisanal boudins and charcuterie. Relaxed and playful atmosphere, a guarantee of a nice festive evening! 

Open Tuesday to Sunday, Wednesday to Sunday for brunch - St-Sauveur district

Petits Creux | $$ 1125 Cartier Avenue, 581-742-5050

This wine bar offers excellent Corsican-inspired cuisine in the form of tapas and boards to share. Excellent wine selection featuring Mediterranean artisan winemakers. Pleasant at any time, from the aperitif to the after-show.

Open Wednesday through Sunday evening from 3:30 p.m., 45-minute walk or 15-minute drive - Montcalm district


Le Chic Shack | $ 15, rue du Fort, 418-692-1485

Potato Shack offering gourmet burgers and gourmet poutine, homemade sodas, and delicious milkshakes. Perfect for a tasty family stop without the fuss. 

Open for lunch and dinner everyday, from noon to 8:30 p.m. and until 6:30 p.m. on weekends, 10-minute walk uptown.

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