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Chez Muffy | $$$-$$$$ 10, rue Saint-Antoine, 418-692-1022

Set within a historic maritime warehouse dating back to 1822, Chez Muffy overlooks the St. Lawrence River. Our space features the structure's original stone walls and wooden beams creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in the heart of one of Quebec City's most historically known buildings. Our menu sets on a local innovative cuisine, Quebec gastronomy, focusing on savory flavours and ingredients from the hotel's farm on Île d'Orléans, all inspired by the season. Distinguished by our "slow cooking" techniques of meat, fish and seasonal vegetables along with a wide selection of wine to please any pallet.

Four-course menu of your choice at $120++/pers. 48-hour cancellation policy, 50$ deposit required per person upon reservation. Open every evening from 5h30pm until late (last reservations are at 8h30pm), and every morning from 7:00 am to 10:30 am. 

La Tanière | $$$$ Quartier Petit-Champlain, 418-872-4386

Here is an exceptional address for a unique culinary experience where you will explore the richness of our terroir while savoring an extraordinary blind menu. The chefs work exclusively with local products and the only 'foreign' ingredient being coffee as it does not grow here. The restaurant is located in a 18th century house and you will dine through three different vaulted cellars during the experience. Want to be in the action? Opt for the chef's counter to have a front-row seat to the talented brigade.  A secret code to access the restaurant will be sent to you the day of. The prefixed menu is at 200$++/pers, 250$++/pers at the chef's counter, drinks not included. Awarded 5 diamond by AAA/CAA for 2023.

Reservations are to be made several weeks in advance. Open Thursday to Sunday evening, 2-minutes walk. 

Légende | $$$ 255, rue Saint-Paul, 418-614-2555

A sister restaurant to La Tanière. Welcome to a magnificent universe combining modernity and conviviality, enjoy boreal cuisine inspired by our culinary roots and the heritage left by time. The menu evolves with the seasons and two menus are offered: a regular and a full vegetarian. Their sommelier, Caroline Beaulieu, has been elected sommelier of the year 2023 for the Province of Québec.

Six-course tasting menu or A la Carte. Open every evening, 7 days a week, 10-minute walk.

Laurie-Raphaël | $$$$ 117 Dalhousie, 418-692-4555

In a magnificent organic dining room, Raphael Vézina and his brigade offer a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that celebrates both the richness and diversity of the terroir. Awarded 5 diamond by AAA/CAA for 2023.

Six or nine-course tasting menu. Open Wednesday to Saturday evening, 5-minute walk.

Le Clan | $$$$ 44, rue des Jardins, 418-692-3333

Formerly working as executive chef at the Fairmont Château Frontenac, the Chef Stéphane Modat offers an immersive experience in his culinary universe where game meat, fish, and our terroir are honored. Prior to opening his restaurant, he traveled through the province to learn the various cooking methods of the First nations tribes and then applied it to French cooking. Along the way, he befriended many local purveyors hence the name Le Clan. Fixed menu only: 4 and 6 courses available. Also open for lunch (Wed-Fri) and brunch (Sat-Sun).

Open 7 days a week, 15-minute walk, upper old town.

Le Champlain | $$$$ 1, rue des Carrières (Château Frontenac), 418-692-3861

The new chef of the Château Frontenac's grand table, Gabriel Molleur-Langevin, offers a new exquisite and refined cuisine with an emphasis on local products. Enjoy a memorable fine dining experience of this emblematic hotel in a sumptuous dining room where refinement is combined with know-how. If you want to experience the Château's dining experience, but you are looking for a less fancy experience? Their bistro Le Sam is a great alternative.

Champlain: open Tuesday to Saturday evening, Sta-Sun for Brunch. Le Sam: open daily for lunch and dinner, 10-minute walk uptown.

Arvi | $$$$ 3rd Avenue, 581-742-4202

The fine-dining restaurant of the Limoilou district breaks with convention with its open kitchen concept where cooks serve guests from the stove to the table. In a laid-back atmosphere, enjoy excellent local products through two tasting menus, one vegetarian, the other omnivorous, which compete in finesse and flavors. 

Online reservations with payment required in advance - please reserve several weeks in advance. Open Tuesday to Saturday evening, 45-minute walk or 10 minute drive - Limoilou district.


Le Continental | $$$$ 26, rue Saint-Louis, 418-694-9995

In a traditional European decor, Le Continental welcomes you in a house dating from 1845 and will transport you to the great classic French restaurants with its authentic gueridon service for a real culinary show at your table. 

Open every night, 10-minute walk uptown. 

Le Saint-Amour | $$$$ 48, rue Saint-Ursule, 418-694-0667

Renowned Chef Jean-Luc Boulay and his brigade offer haute cuisine inspired by fresh regional products for a refined and unique fine dining experience.

Open Wednesday to Saturday evening, 15-minute walk uptown.

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