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Bello | $$$ 73, rue Saint-Louis, 418-694-0030 

Bello stands out for its elegant dining room and its delicious Italian cuisine in a cozy, jet-set atmosphere. You'll love the risottos and the wood oven pizzas. 

Open every day for lunch and dinner, 20-minute walk or 5-minute drive uptown. Valet parking available.

Il Matto | $$ 71, rue Saint-Pierre, 418-266-9444

Well-established in Quebec City, this popular Italian restaurant serves good, tasty dishes that delight locals and visitors alike in a very festive, action-packed atmosphere. Our favorite dish: the tagliatelle with mushrooms!

Open every evening. Our neighbor.

Battuto | $$$ 527 Langelier Boulevard, 418-614-4414

This fabulous mini Italian restaurant is well hidden in the Saint-Sauveur district. Very popular with locals for its exquisite cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere, you have to plan several weeks in advance to hope to eat there. 

Be ready to reserve ahead: reservations open at noon on the last Saturday of the preceding month. Open Tuesday to Saturday evening, 15 minutes by car - Saint-Sauveur district.

Nina Pizza | $$ 410 Saint-Anselme Street, 581-742-2012 (second restaurant on St-Jean Street)

With its wood-fired oven imported directly from Naples, and owners who learned from the greatest Italian masters, Nina Pizza has carved out a place for itself in the city among lovers of Neapolitan pizza in a friendly atmosphere. Delicious antipasti & salads also on the menu. 

Open for lunch and dinner from Thursday to Monday (Saint-Roch district), from Tuesday to Saturday (St-Jean Baptiste district) 15 minutes by car 


BŌ Asian cuisine | $$$ 954, rue Saint-Jean, 418-694-1199

In a sumptuous contemporary decor, this new restaurant offers Asian-inspired cuisine interpreted by our local know-how. 

Open Wednesday to Monday evening, 30-minute walk or 12 minute drive uptown.

Hono Izakaya | $$ 670, rue Saint-Joseph Est, 418-524-2888 

Pioneers of the Izakaya, Japanese tavern, in Quebec City, this small traditional restaurant delights locals and visitors in a young, lively and festive atmosphere.

Open Wednesday to Monday evening, 25-minute walk or 7-minute drive - Saint-Roch district.

Honō Ramen | $$ 680, rue Saint-Joseph Est, 418-524-2888 

Little brother of Hono Izakaya, this brand-new restaurant offers a selection of excellent traditional ramen and delicious sides to round out the offerings. Perfect for a casual evening in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Open Monday to Saturday evening, Thursday and Friday for lunch, 25-minute walk or 7-minute drive - Saint-Roch district.

Apsara | $$ 71, rue d'Auteuil, 418-694-0232

This well-established Asian restaurant serves good quality Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese cuisine in a casual setting.

Open Tuesday to Sunday evening, 25-minute walk or 7-minute drive uptown.

Miyagi | $$ 523, 3rd avenue, 418-614-4040 

This Asian restaurant in the Limoilou district serves Thai cuisine and excellent gourmet sushi in a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere.

Open everyday for lunch and dinner, 40-minute walk or 15-minute drive - Limoilou district.

Chez Tao $$ 104, rue Saint-Vallier Ouest, 418-204-1850

Certainly one of the hippest addresses in the city right now with its delicious Asian street food. Chez Tao offers a decadent selection of excellent cocktails, some of which are served in the most surprising glasses.

Open Wednesday to Monday evening, reservations accepted for groups of six or more. 45-minute walk or 12-minute drive - Saint-Roch district.


Mezzé | $$ 95, Chemin Ste-Foy, 418-692-5005

The one and only Greek Taverna in Quebec City serves an excellent, tasty and authentic menu in a beautiful and warm setting. The menu is inspired by the owner's family culinary traditions. 

Open Wednesday to Saturday evening, 40-minute walk or 12-minute drive - Montcalm district.


Kundah Hotel | $$ 325, rue de la Couronne, 581-300-3930

Far from being a traditional Indian restaurant, this new little favorite will please those who want to combine an Indian meal with local flavors. In a very relaxed setting, enjoy delicious talis, pakora, chicken tikka and other Indian specialties prepared with the rich products of the region. To give you a good example: we even dare to replace the traditional Paneer with our famous cheese curds! 

Open Wednesday to Sunday evening, 40-minute walk or 15-minute drive - Saint-Roch district


Ophélia | $$$ 634, Grande-Allée Est, 418-524-8228

The jet-set chic ambiance of this trendy Grande-Allée address will delight seafood, fish, and steak lovers with an excellent surf & turf menu.

Open every evening, and Wednesday to Sunday for brunch, 40-minute walk or 12-minute drive - Parliament Hill district.

Albacore | $$ 819, Côte d'Abraham, 418-914-6441

In a festive atmosphere, this unpretentious neighborhood bistro offers a delicious menu featuring fish and seafood, which changes according to arrivals. There are also a few meat dishes and vegetarian options.

Open Wednesday to Saturday evening, 25-minute walk or 12-minute drive - St-Jean-Baptiste district.

Jjacques $$$ 341 Notre-Dame-des-Anges Street, 581-491-3286

Under its speakeasy look with its closed door and opaque curtains, this new-style cocktail bar reveals its beautiful muffled universe. Its cuisine emphasizes local products, seafood platters and oysters to complement the excellent selection of drinks.

Open Wednesday to Monday evening until midnight, 40-minute walk or 12-minute drive -  Saint-Roch district. 

Krakencru $$ 190 Saint-Vallier Street West, 581-741-9099

In a playful setting, and depending on the time of your visit, in a very festive atmosphere, the Kraken is a mini restaurant very popular with locals for its menu of fresh seafood on the slate. Late-nighters will appreciate being able to enjoy oysters served until closing time. The restaurant consists mainly of a U-shaped counter. 

Open from Wednesday to Saturday evening until 11 pm, First come, first served - Saint-Sauveur district.

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