Local upscale bistros

For a refined local cuisine experience in a relaxed atmosphere

Chez Rioux et Pettigrew  |  $$$ 160, rue Saint-Paul, 418-694-4448

Praise rains down on this little gem of a restaurant with its chef, Dominic Jacques, who was named the best chef in the province by his peers in 2021. Dominic serves authentic and intuitive market cuisine influenced by our roots. In a rustic & warm decor, you will be welcomed by a fabulous team of passionate people. This is one of our favorite addresses for a casual evening without neglecting the local “bistronomie”. 

Four-course tasting menu. Open every evening, 7-minute walk.

L'Orygine | $$ 36 rue Saint-Pierre, 418-872-4386

In a charming, warm and friendly dining room, the little brother of the restaurants La Tanière and La Légende stands out for its inventive organic cuisine, offering meat and fish dishes from responsible sources, as well as an excellent choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

A la carte menu or five-course tasting menu. Open Wednesday to Sunday evening, 3-minute walk. 

Chez Boulay - bistro boréal   | $$$ 1110, rue Saint-Jean, 418-380-8166

In a beautiful and warm dining room, renowned chef Jean-Luc Boulay and his accomplice Arnaud Marchand invite you to enjoy Nordic cuisine with a Quebec accent, where the abundance of boreal forests and the exceptional quality of local products meet French know-how. It is an excellent address to taste game, freshwater fish, wild fruits, and forest mushrooms where vacuum cooking and presentation in casseroles are honored.

Open Tuesday to Saturday evening, 15-minute walk uptown.

Bistro B  | $$$ 1144, avenue Cartier, 418-614-5444

François Blais and his brigade invite you to taste a refined but unpretentious market cuisine that evolves according to the inspiration of the moment. With its open kitchen concept, this excellent neighborhood bistro is the perfect place for a delicious meal in a festive and friendly atmosphere. Opt for the chef's counter for a front-row seat to the talented brigade's expertise, or for a seat in the dining room for a more intimate experience.

Open Wednesday to Saturday evening, 45-minute walk or 15-minute drive - Montcalm district.

La Planque  | $$$ 1027, 3rd avenue, 418-914-8780

This excellent neighborhood bistro is very popular with locals looking for tasty food in a stylish and warm setting. Choose the counter-bar or the counter-chef for a more dynamic and immersive evening, or a nice table on the mezzanine for a more intimate experience. Its little brother, Le Cendrillon, just next door, is a nice alternative with its oyster bar, and its small and large gourmet nibbles, ideal for a happy hour. You can combine the two experiences here.

La Planque : open Tuesday to Saturday evening. Cendrillon: open Tuesday to Saturday evening. 45 minutes walk or 15 minutes by car - Limoilou district.

Le Clocher Penché  | $$$ 203, rue Saint-Joseph Est, 418-640-0597

One of our favorite restaurants in the Saint-Roch district, Le Clocher Penché is a great address for its tasty cuisine and local products well prepared in a sober and modern decor. 

Open Tuesday to Saturday evening, 45 minutes walk or 12 minutes drive - Saint-Roch district

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