Our Sommelier recommends

Irrévérence 2017, Pearl Morissette, Ontario, Niagara Valley

Tasting notes 

Made from an out of the ordinary blend of concrete raised Chardonnay, stainless steel raised Riesling and Georgian amphorae raised Gewurztraminer, ‘’ Irrévérence ‘’ is the first of the six wines on the pairing on our Chef’s Tasting Menu.

A subtle white flower nose and a crisp taste of saltwater and lemon; the perfect pairing for our mussel course. First, its lemon taste and quick acidity contrasts with the richness of the marinière sauce. Then its iodized, saltwater taste, walks hand in hand with the mussels, be they smoked or cooked en escabeche, that garnish our homemade focaccia.

CHEERS, enjoy this wine. 

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