Traditional Quebec cuisine

To return in the footsteps of our ancestors

La Bûche | $$ 49, rue Saint-Louis, 418-694-7272

Immerse yourself in Quebec folklore and its culinary roots. Enjoy a tasty traditional meal in a festive and warm atmosphere of a "trendy sugar shack" where snowshoes and plaid shirts are in style! Maple syrup on snow is available year-round. New since December 2023: La Buchette, their little sister, another great option for traditional Quebec cuisine in a festive ambiance.

Open everyday morning to evening, 15-minute walk or 3-minute drive uptown.

Aux Anciens Canadiens | $$ 34, rue Saint-Louis, 418-692-1627

This unique restaurant is located in the oldest house of the city, dating from 1675. This is a great opportunity to travel in the footsteps of the first settlers for a traditional meal without pretension. 

Open every day, for lunch and dinner, 15-minute walk or 3-minute drive uptown.

Buffet de l'Antiquaire | $ 95, rue Saint-Paul, 418-692-2661

This no-frills Quebec diner is very popular in town for its generous all-day brunch menu and its traditional québécois cuisine. 

Open every day, from morning to night. No reservations, 2-minute walk.

La Buchette $$ 24, rue Saint-Anne, 418-694-3887

Excellent new address offering traditional Quebec cuisine in a cozy, chic, and relaxed atmosphere.

Open every day from morning to evening, 10-minute walk into the upper town.

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