Your Pet's Staycation in Quebec City

A Home away from Home for Paws & Claws

There aren’t many bonds as precious as the love we share with our pets. Animal companions are absolutely members of our family and bring immeasurable joy to our daily lives. 

Because of this, Auberge Saint-Antoine sees no reason why we should have to take time away from our best four-legged friends during our travels. Our hotel is completely pet-friendly, so you’re welcome to bring your beagles, travel with your terriers, and relax with your retrievers when you visit us. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours! 

(A small additional fee of $45 extra per day covers your pet, plus entitles you to an in-room water bowl, pet blanket, treats, and waste disposal bags.) 

Take a look at some of the convenient resources you and your furry friend can enjoy near our pet-friendly hotel in Quebec City.  

Dog-Walking Parks/Areas in the City:

  • Promenade Samuel de Champlain: This lovely, landscaped 4.3km (2.7mi) stroll extends between Pierre-Laporte Bridge to Côte de Sillery along the beautiful St. Lawrence River. 
  • Le Parc du Bois de Coulonge: One of Quebec City’s most picturesque parks, this green space first opened to the public in the 1970s. Expect lush greenery and wooded glens right in the heart of the city.
  • La Base de Plein Air à Sainte-Foy: A secluded space surrounded on all sides by nature, this 124-hectare (303-acre) local favorite is adjacent to two serene human-made lakes, and is home to many beautiful bird species. 
  • Parc Linéaire de la Rivière Saint Charles: Open to pedestrians year-round, this gorgeous 32km (19.2mi) trail extends along the St. Charles River between St. Charles Lake and Old Port.
  • Plaines d’Abraham: A park area that’s equal parts beautiful and historic, Plaines d’Abraham is a 98-hectare (240-acre) site that was the location of an eponymous 1759 battle during the Seven Years’ War. Today, it’s a lush green memorial park space ideal for walking or jogging with a pet.

Dog-Friendly Parks a Bit Outside Town: 

  • La Reserve du Cap Tourmente: This lovely area, just 50km (31mi) northeast of Quebec City, has offered visitors varied natural terrain since opening in 1978 and serves as a protected habitat of the Greater Snow Goose. 
  • Parc Jacques Cartier: Just 30 minutes from the city, Jacques Cartier is a stunning glacial valley featuring mountains, plateaus, and ridges. Visitors to this peaceful park will also discover running waters, a variety of trees, and trekkable trails. 
  • Les Marais du Nord: Another favorite of local hikers, Marais du Nord is a beautiful local hot spot popular with bird-watchers, landscape photographers, and recreational boaters. Explore 8km (5mi) of walkable trails and lush marshland. 
  • Le Parc du Mont Wright: Some of Canada’s most historic old-growth forests can be found here. The park is located in the united township of Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, just 30km (18.6mi) from downtown Quebec City.
  • La Forêt Montmorency: Montmorency Forest occupies 397 square km (153.2 square mi) just 50 minutes from Quebec City. The park is the largest research forest in the world, offering countless students a lush natural educational opportunity. 
  • Le Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix: The beautiful Capes of Charlevoix offer hikers ample opportunity to experience some of the most breathtaking terrain in Canada, affording must-see views of the St. Lawrence River and Laurentian Mountains.

Dining With Your Dog

By city ordinance, dogs are not allowed in restaurants in Quebec City. Nonetheless, outdoor and sidewalk restaurant terraces do allow you to dine with your pet. Here are a few spots where you can enjoy a little al fresco with your Alsatian. All of these fine establishments are within walking distance of Auberge Saint-Antoine (Note: many offer outdoor dining only as a seasonal option as weather permits — please call ahead and plan accordingly).

  • Chez Muffy: Our own farm-to-fork restaurant, serving delectable dishes made from fresh, local ingredients.
  • Échaudé: An inviting French brasserie popular with locals and offering fine dining in a casual atmosphere.  
  • Don Vegan: Quebec City’s first and finest Vegan restaurant, where diners can find palate-pleasing animal-free fare. 
  • Louise Tavern & Bar à Vin: “Foodie casual” gourmet brasserie serving brunch, lunch, dinner, and small plates.
  • Il Matto: Fresh and flavorful Italian favorites, served by passionate chefs in classically delicious al fresco style. 
  • Café Smith: Neighborhood coffee roaster within Place Royale, featuring exquisite beverages, and an outdoor seating area.
  • La Pizz: Also located within Place Royale, and offering a deep menu of delicious family-style pizzas.  

Doggy Day Care

If you’re headed somewhere during your stay where your four-legged isn't welcome, no problem! Our dedicated concierge team is here to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact them in order to book a pet setting service during your upcoming stay.

Special Supplies

Forget to pack a leash, your friend’s favorite toy, food, water bowl, grooming brush, or any other necessities? No problem. Mondou has you covered. Mondou is Quebec City’s premier pet-supply store, where the friendly staff can find whatever you and your pet may need at a fair price. Mondou has several locations around the city, so there’s always one nearby.  

The entire team at Auberge Saint-Antoine hopes you and your pet enjoy a lovely getaway! Please don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything we can do to make your stay more pleasant or comfortable.

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