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For a more ecological tourism

We are well aware of the footprint that tourism can have on our planet. It is therefore obvious to us that we must act concretely and continue to improve our ecological practices in order to be as close as possible to "zero impact".

We are, and have always been, deeply convinced that true luxury has no reason to exist if it is produced at the expense of nature and mankind. Therefore, every day, we strive to practice our business in the best possible environmentally friendly manner. We share this vision of a healthier and more respectful world with our fellow Relais & Châteaux hotels through the manifesto presented to UNESCO.

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Located on the île d'Orléans, less than 23km from the Auberge, our farm supplies us with vegetables, fruits, salads and aromatic herbs more than half of the year.

  • An ultra-local production, from 'farm to fork', from April to December
  • 0.74 acres of land for a production that serves us throughout the year.
  • Garden culture based on seed timing, crop rotation, companion planting and composting.
  • No use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Beehives that act as pollinators for our fields.

Read further on our agriculture practices here.

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We are pleased to be certified Aliments du Québec au menu, which recognizes restaurants and institutions that value Quebec products in their menu, and Smarter Seafood, which honours restaurants that use sustainable products from the St. Lawrence.

  • When the products allow it, we systematically source our products within a 50km radius, in order to reduce transportation but also to favor the producers of our region.
  • A fishery that respects marine resources. 
  • Our breakfast jams and spreads are made on site from local agricultural products and our organic maple syrup comes from a family-owned cooperative on the île d'Orléans.
  • We use the locally produced Oneka line of natural cosmetics for the toiletries in our rooms in refillable containers. A family farm located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Each year, several hundred kilos of plastic are avoided. 
  • We use only ecological and biodegradable cleaning products.


  • Excess food is used in the staff's menus.
  • Our Nespresso capsules are collected and returned for a second life in pens. To learn more about this program, visit nespresso.com/ca/irecycle.  
  • Use of organic and paper straws to reduce plastic use.
  • Individual plastic containers used for toiletries in our rooms have been replaced with refillable containers.
  • Micro-filtered water offered in the room, restaurant and GYM is produced on site and relieves the environment of over 60,000 plastic bottles and a minimum of 60 truck deliveries per year.
  • Old sheets are "recycled" and used as protections for maintenance use. Used towels are recycled into rags for the household.
  • All procedure masks are collected and recycled in collaboration with Terra Cycle.
  • Practice selective sorting to facilitate recycling
  • Paperless check-in and check-out for our guests.
  • All started guest soap is collected and up-cycled in collaboration with Clean the World a health organization committed to improving the quality of life for vulnerable communities around the world.

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  • We offer our clients the possibility to choose the frequency of sheet changes in order to save water.
  • An in-house workshop for maintenance, electricity and painting, work throughout the year to extend the life of objects.
  • We continuously work on reducing energy by pausing heating, refrigerating, ventilation and light systems for rooms & services out of order for long time periods. In addition, energy-efficient light bulbs are constantly used. 
  • Electric charging stations for vehicles.


  • We collaborate with Quebec hospitality institutions to encourage apprenticeship and to support local employment.  
  • As a hotel-museum, it is our vocation to preserve local history. We do this on a daily basis with the display of over 800 artifacts in our Auberge as well as regular tours tracing the history of the Old Quebec.
  • Respect for senior employment and gender equality.
  • We encourage the maintenance of  employment for those who experienced accidents/difficulties.


We are aware that there is still much to accomplish and that we are far from perfect. Thus, we have many projects to improve our commitments. 

The Auberge Family


If you too would like to make a commitment to greener tourism, you can use the tool proposed by Destination Québec cité and Carbone boréal. This carbon calculator allows you to quantify the carbon footprint of your trip (transportation, meals, activities and accommodation) and to plant its equivalent in the boreal forest, which plays a fundamental role in the fight against climate change.

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